Pirate Games

Whether it's Geography, Science, Social Studies, Spelling, Nutrition, Vocabulary, or Health, these Pirate Games are an exciting way to review these topics. As you search for the treasure, collect the many helpful items you need in your quest.

How do you gather them? Correctly answer the content area questions and you'll score big.

Japan Geography Pirate Game
Did you know that Mount Fuji is a land feature located in Japan? This game focuses on these kinds of land features and it highlightts water features as well. It points out unique aspects of the people of Japan and is just a very interesting game. Give it a try.

Protein Pirate Game
This is one of the fun games about protein and its benefits to the body. It is a pirate game that you collect objects to help you find where the treasure is located.

Energy Resources Pirate Game
Did you know that water can be a source of energy? Geothermal energy and nuclear energy are other kinds of energy that are discussed in this game.

Health Pirate Game Online for Free
Review and discuss how some of the organs of the body work. This game also looks at a few of the ways you can learn to keep your body healthy.

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