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Nutrition Jeopardy Game

One of the important goals that playing this Nutrition Jeopardy Game is designed for is to promote the need for eating healthful foods. These foods are to be gotten from certain plants and animals in the appropriate amounts and at the correct times. In order to do this, it is necessary to know which foods are good for you. This nutrition game highlights the need for nutrients, proper exercise, drinking plenty of water, and getting the right amount of fiber in your diet. This is a jeopardy style game, where you earn points for correct answers. By playing this game again, you should be able to improve how well you understand the role of nutrition in your daily life.

Also, reading food packages and labels is very important in helping us make good food choices. Playing this game is only a helpful motivation tool in getting you started to think about these factors in your nutritional program.

With these ideas in mind, take a moment to relax, and then play this game to help you get on track and stay on track on your nutritional journey .


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