Fun Nutrition Games

You can play fun nutrition games about the food pyramid, health games about the digestive system, science games, games about the healthy foods, nutrients, food groups, and many more fun nutrition games.

Look for jeopardy games, millionaire games, holiday games, concentration games, matching games, and drag-and-drop games. These entertaining, yet challenging science games are just a few of the many free interactive games available on this site. They provide practice for skills development in many subject areas. The student can also gain confidence in areas that might need improvement. If you think you are ready to get started.... BEGIN.

Food Groups Spelling Basketball Game
Sharpen your Spelling skills by playing this fun interactive Basketball game. This game is designed to explore the area of food choices and to spell words that are related to understanding basic nutrition facts.

Protein Pirate Game
What is a protein? It is one the most important nutrients needed by the body. This is one of the pirate games about searching for hidden treasure. Play to have fun and learn about this important nutrient.

Carbohydrates Soccer Game
Play this fun interactive game to help you make good choices about the use of this important nutrient, its benefits, and some of its sources.

Food Pyramid Game

This nutrition game requires students to correctly identify the food groups and levels in The Food Pyramid.

Digestive System Game

Play this digestive system game to strengthen your knowledge of the digestive system.

Nutrition Jeopardy Game

The importance of proper nutrition cannot be overstated. Play this Nutrition Jeopardy Game to reinforce some of the very basic concepts of good nutrition.

Food Groups Concentration Game

Play this Food Groups Concentration Game to practice and reinforce basic knowledge about the food groups.

Healthy Foods Matching Game

Determine foods and their associated characteristics related to healthy eating habits in this Healthy Foods Matching Game.

Nutrients Matching Game

Have a great and entertaining time as you exhibit your knowledge of the nutrients and their implications in good nutrition.

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