Fun Millionaire Games

Play these millionaire games to develop your basic knowledge of capitals of countries in Asia, the Middle East, the Pacific Islands, and more. Demonstrate knowledge of basic facts about energy, environment, plant processes, the holiday traditions, and so many more concepts.

Health, nutrition, geography, holidays, and other topics are available here. These are but a few of the tasks that will challenge you and help develop your understanding of these important topics. Earn points as you establish your ability to acurately supply correct answers. Provide sure indications of your foundation in these areas as you let your quest

Thanksgiving Millionaire Game

In this challenging Thanksgiving Millionaire Game, earn points to demonstrate knowledge about the Thanksgiving holiday.

Western Asia Capitals Millionaire Game

Western Asia is the focus in this version of the Western Asia Capitals Millionaire Game. Be careful as you answer the questions because if your answer is not correct....... GAME OVER.

Middle East Capitals Millionaire Game

Climb the ladders to success as you name the capitals of Middle East countries in this Middle East Capitals Millionaire Game.

South-Central Asia Capitals Millionaire Game

Establish your ability to recall the names of the capitals of some of the countries located in south-central Asia by successfully playing this South-Central Asia Capitals Millionaire Game.

Pacific Islands Capitals Millionaire Game 1

Some of the Pacific Islands are featured in this interesting online game called Pacific Islands Capitals Millionaire Game 1. Name the capitals of these islands to grow your imaginary winnings in this millionaire style game.

Pacific Islands Capitals Millionaire Game 2

Determine the capitals of these Pacific Islands in this Pacific Islands Capitals Millionaire Game 2.

South-East Asia Capitals Millionaire Game

You are a high achiever as you climb the ladder in this exciting South-East Asia Capitals Millionaire Game. Identify the capitals of some of the countries in the south-east part of Asia.

East Asia Capitals Millionaire Game

Have fun playing this East Asia Capitals Millionaire Game about the capitals of some of the Asian countries located in eastern Asia.

Energy Millionaire Game

How much do you really know about energy? Play this energy millionaire game to show how much you really know about some basic energy facts.

Environment Millionaire Game

Essential facts about the environment will help you to do well on this Environment Millionaire Game.

Plant Processes Millionaire Game

Determine the parts of a plant and plant development stages in this plant processes millionaire game.

Christmas Millionaire Game

Play this very exciting Christmas Millionaire Game as you recognize Christmas themed objects, people, and themes.

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