Fun Jeopardy Games

Try these fun jeopardy games to work on topics such as health, nutrition, geography, holidays, and many more. These games can be played as a one-player, 2-player, 3-player, or 4-player game.

This also allows for using these games in the classroom as team games. The more you know about the subject, the more points you can earn. Go for this challenge as you begin your journey to master the games here on this site.

Canada Geography Jeopardy Game 1
Have loads of fun playing this jeopardy game about the geography of Canada. In focus are its people, physical features, and languages. Give it your best and improve your knowledge of this interesting country.

United States Geography Jeopardy Game
Do you know the longest river in the United States? What other facts about the United States geography can you describe? This game challenges your knowledge about these and other facts about the U.S. geography.

South America Geography Jeopardy Game
You should find some interesting basic facts about this continent as you play this game. Some questions focus on the physical features, capitals, as well as people of this continent.

Western Europe Geography Jeopardy Game
Enjoy playing this game and review some of the important land features, water features, and environmental factors of this rich cultural area of the world.

Russia Geography Jeopardy Game
Play this fun game to review some of the important land features, water features, and environmental concerns of this rich historical and cultural region of the world.

Mexico Geography Jeopardy Game 1
How much do you know about Mexico? Let's find out. Play this exciting game about Mexico and its people, events, and physical geography.

Capitals of Western States Jeopardy Game
Play this interactive game to show how well you know the capitals of some of the western states of the U.S.A.

West Africa Geography Jeopardy Game

West Africa and its land of diverse people, vegetation, and land features provide the backdrop for this challenging interactive jeopardy game.

Health Jeopardy Game
This jeopardy game makes learning about health more enjoyable and gives a motivated approach to studying this topic.

Nutrition Jeopardy Game
Establish some of the fundamental aspects of nutrition by playing this fun Jeopardy Game.

Southern Europe Geography Jeopardy Game
Play this exciting game that focuses on the land and water features, people, and economy of this region.

Northern Europe Capitals Jeopardy Game
Show how well you know the capitals of some of the northern European countries by playing this fun game.

Christmas Jeopardy Game
Celebrate Christmas as you successfully answer questions about this holiday in this fun multi-player Jeopardy Game.

Thanksgiving Jeopardy Game
Gobble up points as you demonstrate your knowledge about Thanksgiving by playing this game.

Central America Geography Jeopardy Game
What are some of the capitals of countries in Central America? Can you name some of these countries. In this game, you practice these and other basic geography facts about Central America.

Central Europe Capitals Jeopardy Game
See how many capitals of these European countries you can identify in this fun learning game.

Halloween Jeopardy Game
In this activity, you will try to earn enough points to win the game by exhibiting your knowledge about Halloween.

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