Interactive Science Games

You can play Interactive Science Games about the solar system, health games, nutrition games, games about the water cycle, energy games, environment games, and many more fun science games. Look for jeopardy games, millionaire games, holiday games, concentration games, matching games, and drag-and-drop games.

These entertaining, yet challenging science games are just a few of the many free interactive games available on this site. They provide practice for skills development in many subject areas. The student can also gain confidence in areas that might need improvement.

Food Groups Spelling Basketball Game
In the area of nutrition, this Basketball styled game uses Spelling as a way of focusing on the way in which food groups help us in our efforts to obtain proper nutrients and to eat healthy meals.

Heat and Matter Soccer Game
This soccer style game addresses the meaning of conduction of heat, convection, and insulation. It also considers what the term temperature means. In science terms, it means more than just how warm a substance is. Play the game and see what it is all about.

Energy Soccer Game
Play this fun game about several kinds of energy and their characteristics. Many countries are in a constant search for additional power sources and this game highlights some of these.

Energy Resources Pirate Game
The amount of energy available to a country or people is very important. Sometimes it is a matter of survival. This game talks about some of these important forms of energy.

Solar System Drag and Drop Game

Challenge your knowledge of the planets by playing this fun interactive science game.

Plant Growth Jeopardy Game

How much do you know about the life cyle of a plant? Those things it takes to produce plant life are looked at in this fun game.

Classifying Organisms Jeopardy Game

Play this online jeopardy game about the basic characteristics that group organisms into species, genus, and kingdoms. It also looks at processes and systems of related organisms.

The Life Cycle of a Frog Game

Discover the different stages in the life cycle of a frog by playing this fun drag and drop game.

Classifying Organisms Spelling Jeopardy Game

Can you recognize words that are spelled incorrectly in the context of classifying organisms? This game checks your ability to do just that. Have fun while you see how well you can do on this topic.

The Water Cycle Game

When playing this interactive game, kids will discover the continuous movement of water on, above and below the surface of the Earth.

Properties of Matter Spelling Jeopardy Game

This fun game focuses on spelling words in context about atomic structure, molecules, compounds, physical changes, and chemical changes.

Populations and Communities Spelling Jeopardy Game

Practice your spelling skills by playing this game about the ecosystems, populations, communities, habitats, and endangered species of living organisms.

Amphibians Matching Game

Do you know the difference between a reptile and an amphibian? Try this fun online game to learn more about amphibians and their characteristics.

Vertebrates and Invertebrates Jeopardy Game

This jeopardy game emphasizes the characteristics of many classifications of animals. It looks at what is unique about each classification.

Energy Millionaire Game

Play this energy millionaire game in order to show how well you understand some of the basics of the fascinating subject of energy.

First Aid Matching Game

Learn about basic first aid facts to understand what happens with a sprain, a strain, burns, and broken bones. This is not designed to give medical advice. This is just to help you understand what happens during these events.

Environment Millionaire Game

The environment is the key player in this interactive environment millionaire game. Perform well on this game to show that you are "environmentally conscious."

Plant Processes Millionaire Game

Identify parts of plants and stages in the growth cycle of plants in this plant processes millionaire game.

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