Fun Health Games

Students can develop their understanding of such topics as nutrition, good health habits, healthy foods, exercise behaviors, and the importance of nutrients, by playing these fun health games. If you like to play jeopardy games, concentration games, matching games, millionaire games, drag-and-drop games, as well as others, you will enjoy playing the interactive games on this site.

Some of the games allow themselves to be used in a team format. The important aspect of this fun health games page is to provide games that can be used to explore the subject area of health in its many forms. Play them over again if you would like. They are free and available whenever you want them.

Food Groups Spelling Basketball Game
Making good food choices is one of the important ways of helping to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Play this interesting Basketball Game that uses Spelling as a means of highlighting foods and their nutritional worth.

Health Soccer Game
This online soccer game serves as a good reminder of healthy habits to work on.

Health Pirate Game Online for Free
Play this fun online game to review and study some of the organs of the body and how they function. This pirate game also looks at how you can strive to keep your body healthy.

Health Jeopardy Game

Play this health jeopardy game for loads of fun and find your understanding of health topics improve as well.

Nutrition Jeopardy Game

Learn and reinforce nutrition basics by playing this Nutrition Jeopardy Game.

Health Concentration Game

Improve your understanding of important health features by completing this interesting learning game.

Health Concentration Game2 (with pictures)

Just a really fun game to practice some basic health topics by playing this Health Concentration Game2.

First Aid Matching Game

Explore some aspects of basic first aid in this First Aid Matching Game. This helps you familiarize yourself some of the equipment used in first aid activities.

Exercise Matching Game

Match the features of exercise that correspond to each exercise fact in this challenging exercise matching game.

Healthy Foods Matching Game

Take a turn at matching some healthy foods with some of their attributes in this interesting healthy foods matching game.

Nutrients Matching Game

This nutrients matching game provides plenty of practice in order to help you with understanding nutrients and their relationship to healthy eating habits.

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